Hafiz Friendly Fireflies Watch

Mr. Hafiz is a very informative and knowledgeable person. Before the tour, he briefed us on the species and how this non-synchronous species of firefly (contrary to the Kuala Selangor firefly in which male and female light up at same time and also at same frequency) communicate with the help of some chemical in their body, and how badly light pollution can disturb their population. During the tour we were totally amazed to see how the fireflies come from the mangrove onto the boat when Hafiz was mimicking their communication signaling with his torches and hand motions. Again he sent back them off the boat with some emergency signal. It was really once in a life time experience when some mangrove trees suddenly lit up under his command, and the blinking lights came directly towards us. Well, you can not use your camera during this tour (even without the camera flash) because that would distract the fireflies, and also affect their natural mating behavior. So just sit back, relax and capture the moment in your memory. While returning, it was high tide and we had to literally lie down in the boat to save our head from crashing in the small bridge.

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