Rajasthan, Fair and Festivals

Rajasthan can truely be said the place of festivals. Round the year various festivals and fairs are held in Rajasthan. Some of them are

Camel Festival :
The camel festival in Rajasthan is organised in Bikaner each year in January by the Tourism Department of the Rajasthan Government. Starting with the parade of beautifully dressed up camels in the backdrop of the Junagarh fort. The camels show various stants according to their trainer. In the evening, renowned artistes from various parts of Rajasthan presents their performances, including folk dances and songs and a typicals musics.

Nagaur Fair :
As the name suggests, this fair is held in Nagaur. Each year during January-February, there is a animal fair, people from rural areas come to sell and buy animals. The huge no. of camels are the main attractions.

Mewar Festival:
This 18-day festival is a celebration of spring. The women dressed up in their most beautiful dresses. The occassion ends with songs, dances and a display of fireworks.

Rajasthan, the Best Travel Destination in India

Rajasthan is the largest state of India. Most part of Rajasthan is surrounded by the Thar Desert and the world's oldest mountain ranges, the Aravalli Range. In the south western end of the range is the famous hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu, which is a sacred pilgrimage for Jains as well.

The state shares its borders with Gujarat to the south west,Madhya Pradesh to the south east,UP and haryana to the north east and Punjab to the north. Eastern and southeastern Rajasthan is drained by the Banas and Chambal rivers, tributaries of the Ganges.
With so much historical and geographic al significances Tourism in Rajasthan is a fascinating industry. You can locate hundreds of travel operators to travel in Rajasthan
Rajasthan is famous for the majestic forts, intricately carved temples and decorated havelis, built by Rajputs.

The most famous destinations of Rajasthan are

Agra, Visiting the Taj

The immortal monument of love, Taj Mahal is one of the most visited medieval buildings of the world. Such is the importance of this eternal monument that it has almost become a symbol of India. Most foreigners who visit India are lured by the Taj and it is one of the first things that they want to visit in the country. The Taj Mahal tours take tourists on the fascinating journeys of the city of Agra and its surrounding locates, all of which still smell of history. With the numerous historic monuments that a tour of Agra promises, the erstwhile capital of the mighty Mughuls is one of the highlights of tourism in North India.

Travel Japan: Nikko

The Guard in Toshogu Shrine Entrance
A famous Japanese saying proclaims Nikko wo minakereba "kekkō" to iu na. Most tourist literature translates this as "Don't say 'magnificent' until you've seen Nikko". Nikko, the temple town is mostly famous for Toshogu, Japan's most lavishly decorated shrine. Nikko National Park adds scenic landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, wild monkeys and hiking trails to the temples and shrines. Nikko and the surrounding area, specially  Lake Chuzenji are well known for their beautiful autumn colors (koyo). In the average year the colors start descending from the higher elevations of Yumoto Onsen in early October, are best around Lake Chuzenji and reach the town of Nikko in the first half of November. Oku-Nikko is famous as a hill station in summer time for its cold weather. Average temperature of August in central Nikko is 21-22 Celsius degrees, and 18-19 degrees in Chugushi Shrine near the Lake Chuzenji. Average temperature of January in Senjogahara plateau is -7 Celsius degrees. The lowest temperature sometimes goes down to -20 Celsius degrees. Also, skiing areas are arranged because of a large amount of snow. Reasonably, Nikko is often called "the natural refrigerator". Shinto shrine and Buddhist temples had been harmonized well since Priest Shoto civilized Nikko.

What to See in Nikko:
Central Nikko:
The central area is an entrance of Nikko. Altitude of this area is the lowest in Nikko. The central Nikko is a temple town of Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, Futarasan Shrine and Taiyuin Mausoleum.

Toshogu Shrine:
Tōshō-gū shrines are found throughout Japan. The most famous Tōshō-gū is located in Nikko. It is one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations. The Toshogu is the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, which ruled Japan for over 250 years until 1868. The shrine complex consists of more than a dozen Shinto and Buddhist buildings. The whole campus is set amidst a beautiful forest. Initially a relatively simple mausoleum, Toshogu was enlarged into the spectacular temple complex seen today by Ieyasu's grandson Iemitsu.

You can find lots of wood carvings and gold leaves used to decorate all the buildings.

How to Reach Nikko in Japan by train

Nikko is a popular tourist destination in Japan. It consists of many attractive places like Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, Chuzenji Lake, Kegon Waterfalls etc.

How to Reach Nikko by Train:

By Tobu

The fastest and most convenient way to access Nikko is on the private Tōbu Nikkō Line  from Tokyo's Tobu-Asakusa station.

Tōbu Railway runs all-reserved limited express services, known as tokkyū  trains, to the area. These trains, which use Tobu's "SPACIA" railroad equipment, have comfortable, reclining seats, with vending machines and KIOSK available on most trains. One service, called Kegon  runs directly from Asakusa to Nikko in the morning, and back to Asakusa in the afternoon. There is one daily departure from Asakusa at 7:30 am, and depending on the season, there may be an additional departure at 9:30 am. The other service, Kinu, departs from Asakusa more frequently, but branches off to Kinugawa so you will need to transfer at Shimo-Imaichi station  to a local shuttle train for the final 10-minute run to Nikko. This train is timed to meet the Kinu arrival. Both the Kegon run, and the Kinu run with transfer, take about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Seychelles, Honeymoon Destination

Seychelles is becoming one of the most popular honeymoon destinations now a days. Seychelles is an island country with 115 islands (42 of which are gigantic, Mahe is the largest one) in the Indian Ocean. There are many coral islands in Seychelles. The temperature of Seychelles varies between 24C to 30C, the weather is mostly humid with an annual rainfall around 2900mm. Seychelles is located to the northeast of Madagascar and about 1,600 km east of Kenya. It is part of the Mascarene Islands along with Mauritius and Réunion. Other nearby island countries and territories include Zanzibar to the west, Réunion to the south, Comoros and Mayotte to the southwest. Seychelles has the smallest population of any African state.

The Beach of Seychelles is undoubtedly the most attractive of all. White sands with Crystal clear waters,
backed by lush hills and big boulders. 
But these are not the all of Seychelles. You must be in confusion to decide which island should you go to. Don’t be confused. Be it one of the three main islands of Praslin, La Digue or Mahé - its mountainous interior being home to Morne Seychellois National Park - or any outlying island, you’ll strike gold.

With such a dreamlike setting, the Seychelles is, unsurprisingly, a favorite choice for a honeymoon. But there’s much more to do than simply opening a bottle of champagne with the loved one in a luxurious hotel. 
Seychelles earned a reputation as a paradise of ecotourism. There are several unique varieties of Orchids on the Islands of Seychelles. Seychelles hosts some of the largest seabird colonies in the world. The marine life around the islands, especially the more remote coral islands, can be spectacular. More than 1,000 species of fish have been recorded. 
Since the use of spearguns and dynamite for fishing was banned through efforts of local conservationists in the 1960s, the wildlife is unafraid of snorkelers and divers. Seychelles are famous for its tortoise. Many people visit Seychelles to watch this magnificent creatures. And when you tire of beaches you can venture inland on jungle trails, indulge in fine dining or enjoy the sublime laid-back tempo.
And the best part of Seychelles is that it has plenty of affordable self-catering facilities and guest houses, often situated on some of the best land., to suit all of your budgets. Though it remains an expensive destination, its tourist authorities are now targeting non-millionaires, promoting these economy options. But don't be panic, it will not be a touristy place like many other beach and you can enjoy the calmness year round.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your travel agent’s office to get the best travel deals to Seychelles and book your Airline travel ticket to paradise.

The photos are collected from the net.

Good Hotels in Valencia, Spain

Hotel Venta Pilar
Calle Benito Pérez Galdós, 5, 46360 Buñol, Spain
Contact No. +34(96)2500923
Air conditioning, Central heating, Kitchen / Kitchenette, Telephone, Television, Windows that open, Writing desk.
La Tomatina Festival spot is just 0.5miles from this hotel.
Bollywood Movie Zindegi Na Milegi Dubara was shot at this hotel.

Novotel Valencia Palacio de Congresos
Valle de Ayora 1, 46015 VALENCIA, SPAIN
Enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine in its restaurant. See wild animals at Bioparc, just 1.2 miles from the hotel, be amazed by Valencia's famous aquarium Oceanogràfic or simply relax on the beach.

ibis Alicante
Avenida de Elche 114, 03008 ALICANTE, SPAIN
The Ibis Alicante hotel faces the Mediterranean sea and is only 5 mins from the center of Alicante. It has easy access to the airport. Urbanova beach is only 1.2 miles from the hotel. 82 air-conditioned rooms, including 4 suitable for guests with reduced mobility. Enjoy a meal at the Plancha Parrilla restaurant from 7.30pm to 11.30pm. Bar serving snacks 24 hours a day.

ibis Valencia Bonaire
Autovia A3, Km 345, Centro Comercial Bonaire, 46960 ALDAIA, SPAIN
The Ibis Valencia Bonaire hotel is located in the Bonaire shopping centre and at the entrance to Valencia (Spain). The hotel boasts a privileged location 5 km from Manises Valencia International Airport, 8 km from the Exhibition Centre, 11 km from the Convention Centre and Cheste International Race Circuit. Book one of our 106 airconditioned rooms and benefit from our amenities, including free undercover parking, a bar with a terrace area open 24 hours and WiFi Internet. There is a restaurant nearby.

ibis Valencia Alfafar
Calle Alcade Jose Puertes, 46910 ALFAFAR, SPAIN
The Ibis Valencia Alfafar Hotel is situated in the town of Alfafar, just 4 km from Valencia, and can be reached on the V-31 highway. It is just 10 minutes from the The City of Arts and Sciences, Europe's largest maritime aquarium the, 5 km from beaches, 15 minutes from the Bioparc and opposite the Parque Natural de la Albufera. It has 87 air-conditioned rooms, a 24 hr bar with terrace, restaurant, private outdoor parking, Wi-Fi connection and services suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

Barsey or Versey is a small hilltop in Sikkim. Located at an altitude of 10,000ft, Barsey is renowned for its Rhododendron Sanctuary. The sanctuary falls in the West Sikkim district and is accessible by road via Hilley, Dentam or Soreng from Geyzing. If you want to try trekking in India, it would be an amazing idea to proceed up (4 kms) the hill from Hilley. The sanctuary falls in the Singalila range, and is a starting point to Singalila Ridge trek route.

Trekking in India

Trekking in India is one of the famous adventure sports in India for one who are fascinated by the unexplored beauty of this part of the world. The mountain ranges of India offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast valleys of the Indian Himalayas and Karakorams, there are limitless possibilities for trekking tours, mountaineering, skiing, and river rafting tours. in Inida. The wild flowers in the Indian mountains add more prizes for the trekkers in India. The trekking routes in India often pass through the mountain water falls, a great attraction in its own.

Kovalam Beach, Travel to Kerala

The Kovalam beach in Kerala is one of the biggest attractions for visiting Thiruvanantapuram. The golden sand and the azure water make it perfect for beach holidays. The morning belongs to the fishermen, who bring the fishing boats from the sea using thick coir ropes. As the day progresses tourists and sunbathers throng the beach. By the time the sun is overhead the beach wears a deserted look only to reemerge with all its glitz and glamour in the evening. The festive-like ambience fills the air of Kovalam beach till late in the evening.
Kovalam beaches are excellent for swimming, surfing and boating. However, such activities are not encouraged during the monsoon.

Tour plan of Bandhavgarh National Park

A short tour plan to Bandhavgarh from Kolkata

Day1: Train(both the trains Upasana express and Mumbai mail departs from Howrah in the evening).
Day2: Reach Katni in the afternoon and go to the resort(my preference, White Tiger Forest Lodge, the forest jeep  driver Yadavji is very good).
Day3: Early morning forest trip; return to resort and take lunch, after some rest the afternoon forest trip.
Day4: Early morning forest trip; take train from Katni railway station in the afternoon.
Day5: Reach Kolkata in the noon.

Since on Day1 you will start in the evening and on Day5 you reach kolkata in the noon, you can well think of the tour as 4.5 days journey. If you get time, you can alter the tour and add Bedhaghat, the boatride thorugh the marble rock at Bedhaghat near Jabalpur is fabulous.

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Travel Bandhavgarh National Park

The Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the Sahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. Together with the high faunal density Bandhavgarh has a rich history and mythology in its own. There is a fort up on the hill of the forest. It is said that the monkeys who created the "setu", between India and Lanka to enable Rama to cross over and kill Ravana, were also the architects of the Bandhavgarh fort. This is still belong to the maharaja of Rewa, whereas the forest was handed over to the Govt for protection. And after the formation of Project Tiger the wild life here is very much safe from the poachers.

The Forest at Bandhavgarh National Park

Forest Zones at Bandhavgarh
There are four zones or entrances to the forest of Bandhavgarh, namely,
  1. TALA,
  2. MAGDHI,
Tala zone in Bandhavgarh is the best place for spotting a tiger, you will have better chance to photograph wild animals in this zone, as they are more used to with cars and humans but if you find a tiger in the other 3 zones, you can have a better and prolonged sighting, as there is only a few car, no disturbance for the tiger. A big problem is the last three zones has less number of chitals, in a whole morning I heard alarm only once, so locating a tiger is very difficult there. The guides mainly track a tiger by the alarm calls chitals make when they find a tiger.

Flora and Fauna of Bandhavgarh National Park

Fauna  of Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh has got a huge variety of wildlife - both animals and birds. There are tigers, the main attraction of the forest, leopards, gaur (Indian Bison-although some say this is no longer seen), chital (spotted deer), Sambar deer, Barking deers(quite rare, but I manage to find and photograph one), Dholes, nilgais, wild boars, chinkaras, sloth bears, rhesus macaques, black faced langurs, jungle cats, hyenas(very rare), porcupines, jackals, foxes, chausinghas and ratels, among others. It is the density of it's big cat population that has made Bandhavgarh really famous across the globe.

Inside Bandhavgarh National Park

Entry to the Bandhavgarh National Park
Park entry times vary according to season, depending mainly on the time of sunrise and sunset. You can visit with your own vehicle, which must be a 4-wheel petrol vehicle. It is mandatory to take along an authorized guide. Another option is to take an authorised 4-wheel drives run by the locals, which are available from the hotels and rest houses. The third is an elephant ride, available only in the morning. These should be booked in advance to avoid disappointments.

How to reach Bandhavgarh National Park

How to reach Bandhavgarh National Park

There is good transport system from all over India to Bandhavgarh, this includes rail, road and air as well. For the people coming from Delhi to Bandhavgarh, there is a direct train(Utkal Express) which gets you to the railway station nearest to Bandhavgarh National Park, Umaria(30km from Tala, the main forest gate of Bandhavgarh) early in the morning. The train takes 19 hours to reach from Delhi to Bandhavgarh. There is good Bus transport from Umaria to Tala, taking about 1hr 30mins, the road from Umaria to Tala is not in a very good condition and they do not usually take proper maintenance of of it. The reason behind is if roads are smooth, the vehicle will not obey the speed limit which is 20kms per hr, and some animals might be crossed over accidentally

Accommodation at Bandhavgarh

Accommodation at Bandhavgarh
At Bandhavgarh, there are accommodation facilities to suit almost all budgets. Ranging from lavish hotels and luxury camps to budget hotels to rooms let out by locals - all can be found at Tala. The quality of hotels and the facilities provided by them are of a generally good standard. Some of the camps offer tented accommodation with excellent facilities.
All in all, accommodation facilities are not a problem at Bandhavgarh but to avoid possible disappointments, always book in advance before reaching there.
I must recommend White Tiger Forest Lodge of MPTDC, as I loved to be there the couple of times I visited the place.

Forts in Goa

It will always be a good idea to visit the forts and monuments of Goa and try to discover the enchanting beauty of these monuments that have tales of their own to narrate. After the fun and frolic at Goa carnival, these Goa Forts and monuments come as forms of serene beauty. Goa has a rich collection of forts, churches and temples.

The kind of architecture that has been applied in building these monuments is something that Goa can boast about. When you visit the forts in Goa, the concoction of different cultures-namely Portuguese, Hindu and Muslim- strikes you at the first instance.

Travel Goa at carnival time

Among the various colorful feasts and festivals that are celebrated in Goa, the Goa Carnival is the most eagerly awaited one. The 'Carnival’ was introduced by the Portuguese who ruled over Goa for over five hundred years.

The three-day festival during February is primarily celebrated by Christians, it has also absorbed Hindu tradition revelry, western dance forms, and turned into a pageantry of sorts. Though it started as a celebration enjoyed only by the local population, it has today crossed the state frontiers and attracts thousands of people from all over the country.

Baga Beach in Goa

Baga Beach in Goa is located just 10-km west of Mapusa and extends essentially out of Calangute Beach. It is quaintly located by the Arabian Sea on the west coast of Goa. It is nestled in the rocky, wooded headland. Unlike the very crowded and busy Calangute, Baga has many unperturbed nooks with unspoiled scenic beauty that is more varied than just the plain beach of Calangute. The Beach receives most of its tourist influx from the British package tourists. It has a beautiful retreat house serenely located atop a hill. 

Travel Paolem, beaches in Goa

Among the beautiful beaches in Goa like Anjuna Beach,Baga Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Benaulium Beach, Miramar Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Colva Beach, Paolem Beach is one of the most popular.

Like a slice of the moon it is a beautiful, and one of the famous beaches of Arabian sea in Goa. Its deep blue color, rocks, rows of coconut trees, exquisite beach attract many foreign tourists. Sunbathe on the beach, enjoy the bath in sea or, relax on a deck chair under the colorful umbrella....A perfect holidaying one can enjoy here in Palolem.

Calangute, Beaches in Goa

The most popular amongst all beaches in Goa is Calangute. Naturally most crowded with tourists both Indian and foreigners.
Rows of deckchair and umbrellas on the wide beach ready for your sun bathing. Colorful shops on either side of the road approaching the beach stacked with handicrafts and other materials will attract your attention.

Beaches of Goa, Anjuna

One of the famous beach in Goa with colorful reddish rocks and beautiful coconut plants on its beach. The beach where you can bath is less, but it is so beautiful to see the waves breaking on the colorful rocks. 8 Kms from Mapusa this beach is hot favorite for the foreign tourists.

Train-E-Disco, Goa on train

Disco train rolls to Goa
- Luxury on wheels
A train with a discotheque, cabin crew and live music will roll out from the city on January 2 for a 10-day trip to Goa and Mumbai.
A city-based private travel operator is organising the trip in collaboration with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC).
The Rs 35,000 package per passenger will include journey in an air-conditioned three-tier coach, a three-night, four-day stay at beach resorts in Goa and a day in Mumbai.
The 16-coach rake, booked by i-nova from Indian Railways, will take about 36 hours to reach Goa. “This is the first time a private operator has booked a train for retail tourism,” said Vivek Srivastav, the general manager (eastern zone) of IRCTC.

“We will be responsible for the on-board services, including food, hospitality, housekeeping, public address system and security. A multi-cuisine menu will be served on board,” he added.
“An entire coach will be converted into a discotheque. Folk and baul songs will be performed on board. There will also be other entertainment options,” said Rajib Mukherjee, the managing director of i-nova.
Passengers will stay in beach resorts in north Goa. “In Goa, beaches are the most attractive places. Beach volleyball, water sports and rain dance will be organised. The route has been planned in such a way that passengers can enjoy the natural beauty,” added Mukherjee.
A railway official said the train would be handed over to the company — which has paid Rs 60 lakh — four to five days before the trip.
Winter is the peak tourist season in Goa. About 700 chartered flights fly in to Goa every year from Europe and the US, according to tour operators.
If the project is a success, more such trips will be organised. “We are planning to organise similar tours to various destinations throughout the year,” said Mukherjee.
The IRCTC, on its own, is launching a train, Village on Wheels, for budget tourists.
The first Village on Wheel will set out from Howrah station for north India on November 15. It will return after seven days. Each passenger will be charged Rs 500 daily for food and sightseeing, said an official. 

This article is taken from the Telegraph.

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My trip to Bandhavgarh

On the 22nd of December, my friend Yoshiaki, from Tokyo, and I started our journey to Bandhavgarh. Our train, Shipra Express, was at 9.40 at night from Howrah station. The train journey was as usual, late by an hour. We reached Katni Junction at 6 in the evening on the 23rd. We were to stay at Madhya Pradesh State Tourism’s White Tiger Forest Lodge, and their car was at the station. From Entrance of the White Tiger Lodge Katni it took two hours and a half to reach the lodge.

I had visited the place earlier and almost all of the hotel staff knew me; I had a chat with them and booked a Maruti Gypsy for the next day’s forest trip with the most experienced driver of the place, Yadav-ji. We had dinner and scheduled a 5 a.m. wake-up call. The night was not very cold. The next morning we woke up before 4.30, and got ready. Tea was served at exactly 5 a.m., and we started off from the hotel. The morning Tala Gate near dawn was very cold outside and we were in an open Gypsy –not a very desirable situation! We reached the Tala gate before 6, and ours was the only car there at that hour.
The forest trip times are during 6.30-10.30 a.m. Andagain during 2.30-4.30 p.m. Of the three gates at Bandhavgarh, Tala is the main one; of late, they had opened two other gates, Magdhi and Khetawli. The Placard announcing the Reserve animals of Tala zone are quite used to cars and humans, so that photographing wildlife there is much easier than at the newer two. Alas! Our bad luck – the 45 cars allowed per trip into Tala were already booked. So we had to move to the Magdhi zone. It was quite a distance away from the main gate, and on the way we saw some chitals (Indian spotted deer, Axis axis) and monkeys, both black- and red-faced.

Trip in this summer from Kolkata

Heard of the prehistoric Silk routes, here is a chance to be the traveller of the same route.

The Silk Road (or Silk Route) was an interconnected network of trade routes across the East, South, and Western Asia with the North and Northeast Africa and Europe. This routes were an important way of cultural, commercial and technological exchange between merchants, pilgrims from China, India, Persia and Mediterranean countries in the past.
The routes, comprising of 5,000 miles, were mainly used for trading luxurious goods such as silk and other fine fabrics, musk, other perfumes, spices, medicines, jewels, glassware as well as help spreading knowledge, ideas, cultures and diseases between different parts of the world (China, India, Asia and the Mediterranean).

Henry Island, Bakhali A place to visit near Kolkata

Henry Island, Bakhali weekend trip from Kolkata:
Henry Island is a man made island in the Southern part of West Bengal near Bakkahli. With mangrove forest and sea it is a nice place near Kolkata for 2-3days vacation. Not at all touristy, you can live solely with yourself within the lap of mother nature.

How to reach Henry Island Bakhali:
Henry Island can be reached by rail/road. There is frequent WBSTC bus service from Esplanade and Korunamoyee. Or you can hire private car for the whole trip to Henry Island. The journey by road is about 3.5-4hrs.

Sight seeing at Varanasi

One of the world’s oldest living cities, Varanasi or Benaras is "older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend” as Mark Twain had rightly remarked. Situated on the western banks of the holy River Ganges in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, Varanasi is full of traditions and Hindu mythologies. It is believed that the mighty Ganges River possesses miraculous powers to wash away the sins of mortals.

How to reach Baranasi

Trains from Howrah : Howrah-Varanasi Express; 2381 Purva Express (Day 3 4 7); Himgiri Express (Day 2 5 6); Amritsar Mail; Amritsar Express; Sealdah-Varanasi Express; Sealdah-Amritsar Akal Takht Express(Day 3); Upasana Express (Day 2); Asansol-Amritsar Express (Day 7); Doon Express; Sealdah- Jammu Tawai Express. Varanasi is 678 km from Kolkata. It takes between 13 and 25 hours. The best trains are Purba Express (10 hrs), Amritsar Mail (l0 hrs) and Howrah-Varanasi Express (15 hrs). Most of the trains go via Mughalsarai. Mughalsarai is 15 km south of Varanasi and is connected by buses, autos, share taxis and DMU local trains.

Kushinagar, the Land of Budha

Kushinagar is one of the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage centre in India. Lord Buddha got nirvana at Kushinagar. The holy cremation was done at 'Mukut Bandhan' where 'Mallas` constructed a big Budhist stupa over the ashes. Later king Ashoka renovated it. 

Travel guides to Mahe Island in Seychelles

When you have to decide for your honeymoon destination, one picture comes into mind, crystal clear water, sandy beach, lush green forest in the backdrop, luxurious accommodations and great cuisines. Now all these you can have at Mahe Island in Seychelles. Banyan Tree hotel in Seychelles is one of the best at this place, I just remember to add. So don't thing to much, rush to get your travel deals on Mahe.

By far the largest and most developed of the Seychelles islands, Mahé is home to the country’s capital, Victoria, and to about 90% of the Seychelles’ population. Small wonder that it has excellent vacation and adventure opportunities. Best of all, most spots along the coast are easy to reach by bus or car. Beau Vallon Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The pristine sand, clear water and coral reefs make it an excellent spot for sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. The beach was just a short walk from most of the hotels. The Coral Strand Hotel and several popular restaurants are located along the beach which makes for a nice beachside meal or cocktail.

While the dazzling coastline of Mahé is undoubtedly the main attraction of Seychelles in general, you should not miss to explore the island’s mountainous interior. One of Mahé’s highlights, the splendid Morne Seychellois National Park encompasses an impressive 20% of the land area of Mahé and contains a wide variety of habitats, from coastal mangrove forests up to the country’s highest peak, the Morne Seychellois (905m). Choked in thick forest formation, the enigmatic, central part of the park is virtually deserted and can only be reached by walking trails; you don’t have to go very far before the outside world starts to feel a long, long way away.

Visit Tenerife, the Island

Want travel deals and information to  Enjoy your Vacation in Tenerife Island. The oldest mountain ranges in Tenerife rose from the Atlantic Ocean by volcanic eruption which gave birth to the island around twelve million years ago. Tenerife is known internationally as the "Island of Eternal Spring" (Isla de la Eterna Primavera). The island, being on a latitude of the Sahara Desert, enjoys a warm climate year-round with an average of 20° - 22°C in the winter and 26° - 28°C in the summer and high sunshine. Tourism is the most prominent industry in the Canaries, and Tenerife is one of the major tourist destinations in the World. The lushness of the gardens and the comfortable atmosphere are very special features of Tenerife, which has lively places to stroll around. The city houses a number of buildings of great historical and artistic value such as the church of Nuestra Señora de la Peña, la Ermita de San Telmo, el castillo de San Felipe, la casa de la Aduana and the old quay where small fishing boats are still moored. In the evening the streets near the Plaza del Charco and the promenade are pleasant places of enjoyment where one can eat at any of the many open air restaurants in Tenerife. Tenerife island is always in demand among tourists because of its year round sunshine. However, to find a cheap holiday to Tenerife, you might try a long winter holiday or keep an eye out for last minute travel deals. Monarch now offer a wide selection of great value holidays to Tenerife, giving you great access to the buzzing resorts, non-stop entertainment and blissful, vast beaches of "the Canary with everything".

What to see in Tenerife Island:
Tourism is more prevalent in the south of the island, which is hotter and drier and has many well developed searesorts such as Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. More recently coastal development has spread northwards from Playa de las Americas and now encompasses the former small enclave of La Caleta. After the Moratoria act passed by the Canarian Parliament in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, no more hotels should be built on the island unless they are classified as 5 star-quality and comprise different services such as Golf Courses or Congress facilities. This act was passed with the goal of improving the standard of tourism service and promoting environmentally conscious development.

Digha, the sea resort of West Bengal

Digha is the nearest and most popular sea resort of West Bengal.  Being the nearest sea beach from Kolkata, it is very famous holiday destination as a weekend trip for Kolkatans.

Digha is a 4 to 5 hour journey by bus from Kolkata. There is frequent bus services from Splanade, Korunamoyee and various other parts of Bengal. AC and super deluxe buses are also available at present.

Previously there were daily only one train from Shalimar railway station. But from 14th June 2009 two new trains are introduce from Howrah Railway Station, these are TAMRALIPTA SUPERFAST EXPRESS (the timing of TAMRALIPTA SUPERFAST EXPRESS is 6:40 AM) daily and KANDARI EXPRESS (the timing of KANDARI EXPRESS is 2:40 PM) daily. Sometimes special trains are announced on special occasions and holidays. The train from Shalimar has been withdrawn. In recent times a new train, named Paharia Express has been introduced from NJP to Digha.

Accommodation at Digha:
Accommodation at Digha is never a problem. There are countless hotels of almost all budgets.