Calangute, Beaches in Goa

The most popular amongst all beaches in Goa is Calangute. Naturally most crowded with tourists both Indian and foreigners.
Rows of deckchair and umbrellas on the wide beach ready for your sun bathing. Colorful shops on either side of the road approaching the beach stacked with handicrafts and other materials will attract your attention.

There is immense arrangement of different water sports Boating, water ski, wind surfing, para sailing, banana boat ride and so on for the enthusiasts.
Each year in mid April Beach Bonanza festival is held at Calangute beach. Kerkar art gallery should not be missed.
Painting at Kerkar art gallery

How to reach Calangute Beach in Goa:
16 km from Panaji. Bus service avilable. Bus is available from Mapusa (10 Km.) also. Car can also be hired from Pnanji @ INR 400 dropping charge.

Where to stay at Calangute Beach in Goa:
Accommodation near Calangute Beach are at plenty to chose from.

Calagute Residency run by Goa Tourism ( +91 0832 2276024) @ INR 1000 - 2000 DB
Calangute Residency Annexe ( +91 0832 2276009) @ INR 600 - 800 DB Dormitory @ INR 110.
Hotel Golden Eye (+91 0832 2277308) @ INR 400 - 1200 DB
Hotel Dona Crystalina (+91 0832 2279012) @ INR 250 - 1200

Why Go To Goa Calangute Beach?
Goa Calangute beach is also called the 'Queen of Beaches' because the beauty you at find Calangute beach in Goa cannot be found elsewhere. Under the shade of palm trees, bathes the Queen of Beaches-Calangute. Goa's Calangute seems to be a distortion of the local vernacular word-'Koli-gutti', which means land of fishermen. Some people connect it with Kalyangutti (village of art) or Konvallo-ghott (strong pit of the coconut tree) because the village is full of coconut trees. With the advent of the Portuguese, the word probably got distorted to Calangute, and has stuck till today. In a green semi-circle, the villages of Arpora-Nagoa, Saligao and Candolim do their bit to enhance the divine beauty of Calangute. There are picturesque agors (saltpans) at Agarvaddo, Maddavaddo is full of madd (coconut trees), Dongorpur skirts a bottle-green hillock and Tivaivaddo laces the beach. In Gauravaddo lived the gaudds or milkmen ran dairies.

Why Goa Calangute Beach is so special?
Goa Calangute beach is a haven for the hippies. It was the hippies who discovered this beach in the late 60s. The exquisite beauty of the Calangute beach in India's Goa soon spread around, bringing hordes of European tourists. And this trend has still been continuing…tourists come down to this small Indian state of Goa searching for this lovely beach. Once you reach Calangute beach in Goa, then you can spend your vacation soaked in the serenity of the sea, sun and sand. Goa Calangute beach is often crowded with people, children making sand castles, colorful crowds surging towards the sea, hippies busy remembering the good old times and the young and old alike lazing on the golden sands. This picture of a perfect tourist haven is completed with shacks and stalls under the shade of palm trees selling everything from fried prawns and beer to trinkets made of seashells.

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  1. Very nice blog post. Calangute is one the most popular beach in North Goa and is always filled with tourists and travellers. When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of hotels in Calangute available within reasonable prices.