Kushinagar, the Land of Budha

Kushinagar is one of the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage centre in India. Lord Buddha got nirvana at Kushinagar. The holy cremation was done at 'Mukut Bandhan' where 'Mallas` constructed a big Budhist stupa over the ashes. Later king Ashoka renovated it. 
The Chineese travelers Fa Hien & Hieun Tsang have mentioned "Kushinara" in their Travel Memo. After extensive excavations of the site main stupa was exposed in 1876 AD.

In addition a 6.10 m long statue of reclining Buddha was discovered.

Ven. Chandra Swami a Burmeese Monk, came to India in 1903 and made Mahaparinivana Temple into a living shrine.

This place is not at all touristy, quite neglected I must say. but peaceful that true nature lover must enjoy the stay here. In recent years Kushinagar is getting major infrastructure uplift to encourage tourism in this region.

How to reach Kushinagar
The nearest Airport from Kushinagar is in Gorakhpur district but the access to this airport is limited. Therefore, Varanasi airport acts as the primary airport for Kushinagar. The nearest railhead is Gorakhpur that is well connected to the rest of India as well as Uttar Pradesh.

What to see in Kushinagar

Kushinagar is the very place where Lord Buddha got Nirvana. This event is known as Maha-Parnirvana of Budha. Therefore, Kushinagar evokes emotion amidst pilgrims.

The above is the photo of the Budha Sarovar.

There are other temples too that have been erected by Buddhist Councils of other member countries. The most famous among these are Japanese, Watt Thai and Chinese Buddhist Temples. These temples are famous for their distinct and splendid architectures.

The above is the 7 Gods representing 7 days of a week.

Going around from Kushinagar

There are some interesting excursions too. Lumbini and Kapilvastu are two of the most famous excursions around Kushinagar. Both these places fall in Nepal. These sites are related to the birth and childhood of Lord Buddha respectively. All these attractions make Kushinagar a place worth visiting. Do come to Kushinagar if you want to experience the divinity in its sublime form.

In October/November the biggest festival, The Budha Mahotsava is held every year at Kushinagar.

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