Best Travel City Destinations in Europe

There are lots of debate around this question "What are the best travel destinations in Europe" and none can answer with an exact list of the so called best tourist destinations in Europe. Below what we tried is to list some travel destinations in Europe in a random order:

Florence, Italy

Who Should Go Florence, Italy:
Art Lovers, Renaissance historians and pretenders with an eye for style, Leather Handbag Shoppers with high credit limits

Best Time to Visit Florence, Italy: Spring or fall is the best time to visit Florence. Sane wanderers avoid summer in Florence (and the thundering herds) like the plague.

What to See in Florence, Italy: Florence's most famous square is Piazza della Signoria, the heart of the historic center and a free open-air sculpture exhibit. Florence's most popular site is its Duomo (cathedral), the Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore. The huge Gothic duomo was begun in 1296, consecrated in 1436, and holds 20,000 people. The Baptistery of John the Baptist, from the 11th century, is one of Florence's oldest buildings. The Ponte Vecchio (old bridge), built in 1345, was Florence's first bridge across the Arno River and is the only surviving bridge from Florence's medieval days (others were destroyed in World War II). The Galleria degli Uffizi holds the world's most important collection of Renaissance art but it's also Italy's most crowded museum so it's a good idea to buy tickets ahead to avoid long ticket line. Florence has some of the finest shopping in Europe. In Florence you'll find leather goods, paper goods, and jewellry as well as nice souvenirs and art productions. Florence has a number of open air markets selling food, clothing, and antiques. The most famous is around Piazza San Lorenzo where you'll find leather goods, too. Another good place is Mercato Nuovo (Porcellino) on Via Porta Rossa. Mercato Centrale is a great place for food shopping.

Venice, Italy
Who Should Go Venice, Italy:
The Romantic dreamers who like strolling through automobile-free streets.
Best Time to Visit Venice, Italy: February is when the famous Venice Carnevale or Carnival is held and the weather is usually cold and foggy, perfect weather for Venice. Venice should be viewed through a shroud that blurs the tourists and the neon so that the jewel of the ancient city shows through. But then, the curmudgeon is warm blooded enough not to mind the cold. Summer? Hefty tourists in shorts and whiny children ruin the atmosphere in the grand campos, but there are plenty of dark alleys for hopeless romantics to get lost in. Of course, you'll be perfectly thrilled in spring or early fall, too. 

What to See in Venice, Italy: Take note of the contrast between the opulent Doge's Palace and the nasty prison on the other side of the canal. Then again, anything touristy can be magic in Venice--it's just a crazy anachronism in a precarious environment. You need to see it. No one can explain it, not even Italo Calvino.

Rome, Italy

Who Should Go Rome, Italy:
Lovers of conspicuous consumption (plenty of ATMs and three streets Via Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via Frattina). History and archaeology buffs - anyone who's lent an ear. Youthful music-clubbers. 
Best Time to Visit Rome, Italy: Rome is a carnival all year long. Italians avoid Rome in August because it's hot and muggy and everybody is away at the beach, so August isn't even high season. You'll find lodging bargains in late July and August, but demand air conditioning and thick windows.
What to See in Rome, Italy: Rome, like Venice is a walking city. Lots of things you've always wanted to see are free or cheap, so don't sweat the entertainment budget if you're reasonably mobile.You must not miss the Amphitheater in Rome. An area in the south of the Eternal City called Testaccio is becoming a booming center of the Rome music scene in clubs dug out of a hill made up of old, busted up Roman amphoras. 

Amsterdam, Holland

Who Should Visit Amsterdam:
Bicyclists as it's a bike city in a flat land, those who need chemical assistance to accomplish the dream of free spiritage because they've exhausted all other possibilities and Unfree spirits; those who believe that allowing folks the slightest personal freedom leads only to despair and the eventual downfall of society.
Best Time to Visit Amsterdam: It can rain at any time in Amsterdam, but that's not a reason not to visit this fascinating city. Off season tourists will be rewarded with enough decent weather to stick around. April-May is tulip season in Amsterdam. Summer is good for sun worshippers--July and August is the peak tourist season in Amsterdam, but there is nothing like brooding off-season clouds for the photographers. 
What to See in Amsterdam: Munching at an Indonesian rijsttafel, wandering along the canals and through the Royal Palace, Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum. Heading off to the red light district and cafes may suit the free spirits and self-proclaimed, um, sex anthropologists (who should visit the Amsterdam Prostitution Information Center for the down-to-earth scoop) . And of course, Anne Frank's house to end it all on a thoughtful note. 

London England

Who Should Visit England:
Tourists afraid to be in a country where they don't know the language, tourists who like strong ale and theater and the History buffs - Even American History buffs - and English literature fans should travel to London, England

Best Time to Visit England: 
May through October, but you're liable to get rained upon anyway. A crisp winter's day is not altogether bad, though, especially if you're planning a day out in the burbs. 

What to See in England: 
British Museum (free), Tate Modern (if you like modern art), Victoria and Albert Museum (Decorative arts), Buckingham Palace, Westminster Palace. The crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, London's National Gallery is a vast space, filled to the rafters with Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries. In this iconic art gallery you can find works by masters such as Van Gogh, da Vinci, Botticelli, Constable, Renoir, Titian and Stubbs. As well as the permanent (and permanently fascinating!) dinosaur exhibition, the Natural History Museum boasts a collection of the biggest, tallest and rarest animals in the world. See a life-sized Blue Whale, a 40-million-year-old spider and the amazing new Darwin Centre. The London Eye is a major feature of London's skyline. It is the world's highest observation wheel, with 32 capsules, each weighing 10 tonnes, and holding up to 25 people. Climb aboard for a breathtaking experience, offering you unforgettable views of more than 55 of London's most famous landmarks.

Paris, France

Who Should Visit Paris, France:
A Starving artist, Henry Miller fans, all the foodies should visit Paris atleast once in their lifetime. Other than that Paris is haven for the Lovers.

Best Time to Visit Paris, France: Springtime is the best time to visit Paris, France. Fall isn't bad either, with colorful trees all around. Summer in Paris  is also good. 
What to See in Paris, France: Hit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and tap your feet to some jazz in the Montparnasse. Place Pigalle's sex museum (yes, they had and recorded sex way before Hefner and digicams). Then there's catacombs and sewers and all manner of offbeat Paris stuff to upon which to fritter your tourist dollars away. 

Madrid, Spain
Who Should Go to Madrid, Spain:
Madrid never sleeps, so you who should visit Madrid. Also any Art Lovers (the Prado is second only to the Louvre in presenting serious art) must visit Madrid.

Best Time to Visit Madrid, Spain: Spring; days are warm and the nights pleasantly cool. Pent up demand for outside eating and drinking starts ramping up in March-April. Street life peaks in June, then slows in July and August as the temperature peaks. Autumn is also good, although you'll risk some rain. 
What to See in Madrid, Spain: Tapas in the evening, and maybe later you'll feel like eating somewhere along the Hemingway trail (maybe at Casa Botin or another of Madrid's top restaurants). Madrid's restaurant scene, in the doldrums since Hemingway wolfed down his roast suckling pig, is undergoing a Renaissance of its own. You'll eat late though--things don't start moving until 11 or so in the summer. Visits to the Prado and then on to the Reina Sofia--where you'll see more modern art like Picasso's Guernica--are good bets for the art lovers.

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