Tips for travel insurance

Many tourists ignore one important aspect of a foreign trip, Travel Insurance. That is the reason most of the Embassies and  Visa issuing offices made the travel insurance mandatory with the Visa application, like the European countries and USA etc. Japan and India is still allow tourists without the travel insurance, but every tourists are advised to insure himself during the travel in a foreign country.

Find below some important travel related costs that travel insurance can shield you from.
    * Travel Medical Insurance: covers everything from injuries and ailments to emergency evacuation which can costs upwards of US$ 18,000 depending on the distance and remoteness.
    * Additional Travel Costs: Medical situations have several associated costs like changing flights, additional accommodation, cost of companion, taxis, food, etc, which can run into thousands of dollars.
    * Personal Liability: This can cost you a lot of money in the event you are sued and in places like the US the risk is compounded.
    * Personal Possessions: This provides protection against loss, theft or damage of your expensive equipment, like cameras, notebooks, etc.
    * Trip Cancellation Insurance: Illnesses, accidents and life in general can happen to any of us at many time, but having to cancel your expensive holiday because of it doesn’t have to cost you money as well. Always buy your travel insurance the moment your trip is booked.

Who needs Multi Trip Travel Insurance:
Annual Travel Insurance is a money saver for people who travel frequently or at short notice. It is also useful for families that travel 3 or more times a year,  or for the project workers who have to travel frequently to client locations.

Multi Trip Travel Insurance Benefits:
    * No limits on the number of trips you can take in a year.
    * Automatic travel cancellation protection the moment you book a trip.
    * Children under 18 are covered for FREE.
    * It allows up to 60 days stay per trip and is Ideal for project workers who have to travel frequently.
    * Free Extras; like free ski insurance ranging from 10-21 days.
    * Multi Trip Travel Insurance is also known as Annual Travel Insurance.
    * It is a money saver!
    * Some Insurers also include domestic travel insurance in their annual travel insurance cover

Travel Medicare Insurance is definitely the most important cover you need while traveling because medicare is very expensive, no matter where you go.

Important Points you should Know about Travel Medical Insurance:
    * The deductible amount for travel insurance is what your insurer will deduct before paying you. Say you incur medical expenses of $800 and the deductible is $500; the insurer will pay you only $300, which is quite pointless. The deductible can range from $100 to over $1000 and the way it works is; the lower the premium the higher the deductible.
    * The cover for travel medical is always in the millions, but most insurers set ceilings on payouts for certain elements of the medical cover, so be sure to read their policy wording.
    * Check the policy wording and read what is covered. Sometimes this is written in legal double-dutch, so be sure to get clarification on points you don’t understand.
    * The policy wording also lists what is not covered so be sure to check for that. Also read the general exclusions because instances like war, riots, etc are not be covered.
    * Travel medicare insurances do not cover expenses incurred for, or caused by pre-existing medical conditions.
    * Check if additional incidental costs like flights, accommodations, even taxis charges are covered because with a medical situation abroad these costs are more than likely. Some insurers even covers these costs for whoever is staying with you.
    * Most trip medical insurance covers Emergency Evacuation, but do check the clauses.
    * Most insurers will have a Medical Emergency Number, be sure to make a note of it. The last thing you want to do is have to hunt for that in a crisis.

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