Tour plan of Bandhavgarh National Park

A short tour plan to Bandhavgarh from Kolkata

Day1: Train(both the trains Upasana express and Mumbai mail departs from Howrah in the evening).
Day2: Reach Katni in the afternoon and go to the resort(my preference, White Tiger Forest Lodge, the forest jeep  driver Yadavji is very good).
Day3: Early morning forest trip; return to resort and take lunch, after some rest the afternoon forest trip.
Day4: Early morning forest trip; take train from Katni railway station in the afternoon.
Day5: Reach Kolkata in the noon.

Since on Day1 you will start in the evening and on Day5 you reach kolkata in the noon, you can well think of the tour as 4.5 days journey. If you get time, you can alter the tour and add Bedhaghat, the boatride thorugh the marble rock at Bedhaghat near Jabalpur is fabulous.

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