The Forest at Bandhavgarh National Park

Forest Zones at Bandhavgarh
There are four zones or entrances to the forest of Bandhavgarh, namely,
  1. TALA,
  2. MAGDHI,
Tala zone in Bandhavgarh is the best place for spotting a tiger, you will have better chance to photograph wild animals in this zone, as they are more used to with cars and humans but if you find a tiger in the other 3 zones, you can have a better and prolonged sighting, as there is only a few car, no disturbance for the tiger. A big problem is the last three zones has less number of chitals, in a whole morning I heard alarm only once, so locating a tiger is very difficult there. The guides mainly track a tiger by the alarm calls chitals make when they find a tiger.

I suggest 1 morning trip to magdhi and others in tala. Also for magdhi you hav to cross distance, it is located few kms from the Tala gate. So starting early in the morning is always suggested.
Now the charges, for foreigners is 2180/- per trip for forest entry, for Indians the entry fees are 680/-, the car hire is 1000 for tala zone, and 1500 for remaining three zones. These entry fees are however for 6 persons in a jeep. That is if there is a single person in a jeep you have to pay the amount same as there are 6persons in the jeep.
The fees include the camera fees, guide charges everything.

Elephant rides can be booked at your resort or at the office personally. Advance bookings are advised.

When "Tiger Shows" are being conducted during the mornings, the rates vary from year to year. During the above mentioned time the rates were Rs. 60/- per trip which lasted approximately 5 minutes. Not too high a price to pay however for a definite tiger sighting!

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