Flora and Fauna of Bandhavgarh National Park

Fauna  of Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh has got a huge variety of wildlife - both animals and birds. There are tigers, the main attraction of the forest, leopards, gaur (Indian Bison-although some say this is no longer seen), chital (spotted deer), Sambar deer, Barking deers(quite rare, but I manage to find and photograph one), Dholes, nilgais, wild boars, chinkaras, sloth bears, rhesus macaques, black faced langurs, jungle cats, hyenas(very rare), porcupines, jackals, foxes, chausinghas and ratels, among others. It is the density of it's big cat population that has made Bandhavgarh really famous across the globe.

Among birds white browed fantails, steppe eagles, green pigeons, grey malabar hornbills, black and white malabar hornbills, blossom headed parakeets, parakeets, blue bearded bee eaters, green bee eaters, white bellied drongos, owls, Jerdon's and gold fronted leaf birds, minivets, woodshrikes, lovely paradise flycatchers and many varities of colorful kingfishers are present.
Around a hundred and fifty species already logged officially, Bandhavgarh can be truely said a bird lover's paradise.

Flora of Bandhavgarh

The Bandhavgarh park is a jungle of sal trees. It is only in the slightly higher reaches that it changes to a more mixed vegetation of sali, saj, saja, dhobin etc. In the northern region of the park, there are vast stretches of grasslands and bamboo forests, the main resting places for tigers.  

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