How to reach Bandhavgarh National Park

How to reach Bandhavgarh National Park

There is good transport system from all over India to Bandhavgarh, this includes rail, road and air as well. For the people coming from Delhi to Bandhavgarh, there is a direct train(Utkal Express) which gets you to the railway station nearest to Bandhavgarh National Park, Umaria(30km from Tala, the main forest gate of Bandhavgarh) early in the morning. The train takes 19 hours to reach from Delhi to Bandhavgarh. There is good Bus transport from Umaria to Tala, taking about 1hr 30mins, the road from Umaria to Tala is not in a very good condition and they do not usually take proper maintenance of of it. The reason behind is if roads are smooth, the vehicle will not obey the speed limit which is 20kms per hr, and some animals might be crossed over accidentally

Jeeps/autos are also available from the station. There are also other connections available from various parts of the country to  reach Bandhavgarh Natioanl Park. Satna is 120 kilometers away from Bandhavgarh, Jabalpur is 164km from Bandhavgarh and Katni 92km from Bandhavgarh. If you are coming from Kolkata to Bandhavgarh, the best option is go by train(Mumbai mail via Nagpur and via Patna/ and Upasana Express) to Katni, and take a jeep to Tala. You can also first visit Jabalpur, reach there by the same train, stay at Bedhaghat, MPTourism's Motel Marble Rock is the best accommodation option for night stay at Bedhaghat. Take a boatride on narmada river through the famous marble rocks. Next day early morning start for bandhavgarh. You can also go by train from Jabalpur to Umaria. The same train Utkal Express that reaches Umaria in the noon, take a jeep/auto to Tala, take lunch, some rest and go for the first forest trip in the afternoon.
The nearest airport to Bandhavgarh are Khajuraho (237km) and Jabalpur (164 km). There are regular bus connections available from both these cities other than the Jeep rides. The park entrance and accommodations all are located at Tala.
If the resort you are staying at is informed of your arrival, they surely arrange for a pick from station. There is also a helicopter transfer facility from Nagpur to Bandhavgarh and the charges are approximately US$200 per passenger.

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