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The Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the Sahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. Together with the high faunal density Bandhavgarh has a rich history and mythology in its own. There is a fort up on the hill of the forest. It is said that the monkeys who created the "setu", between India and Lanka to enable Rama to cross over and kill Ravana, were also the architects of the Bandhavgarh fort. This is still belong to the maharaja of Rewa, whereas the forest was handed over to the Govt for protection. And after the formation of Project Tiger the wild life here is very much safe from the poachers.

The wait for Tala gate to open

The best time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park

The weather in Bandhavgarh varies to the extremes. Bandhavgarh in winter, the temperature goes down as low as 0-2 degrees, in the early morning safaris the biting cold will chill you. In the summar the temperature rises as high as 42degrees centigrades.
The best time to visit Bandhavgarh, keeping all aspects in mind, is between December and February but it is the warmer months of April, May and June that are best time for tiger and leopard sightings in Bandhavgarh. During the summer months, most of the animals are seen around the few precious water bodies not yet vapourised by the intense heat.
Earlier, those interested in seeing the gaur (Indian Bison) used to plan their trips in March/April, when these animals move down from the hills. The gaur used to move across the southern regions of the park, before reaching the grasslands of the central area for grazing. However, it has now been some years since the awesome sight of a huge Gaur has been witnessed by anyone at Bandhavgarh. The park is closed during the monsoon season, which also coincides with the breeding season, from June till November. Another reason for closure during this season is the torrential rainfall washing away most of the jungle tracks.

Shopping at Bandhavgarh

Almost all the resorts at Tala has a small shop where you can buy various memntos. Beside those shops there is a shop at the main entrance to the park. This shop sells all kinds of stuff from T-shirts to key chains, from mouse pad to ashtrays, all consisting a symbol of tiger or forest. Also available at this shop are interesting maps and books dealing with wildlife of the park. There are also mounted pictures of tigers photographed at the park.

Rules and Regulations in the forest:

A detailed list of all the rules and regulations to be maintained in the park can be found at the park office near the entrance. However, some of the main ones to keep in mind before entering are:

1. Carrying of firearms of any kind is not permitted within the park
2. Walking or trekking within the park is strictly prohibitted
3. Driving outside of the specified timings is illegal and attracts heavy penalties
4. Littering of any kind within the park also attracts heavy penalties
5. Smoking is not permitted within the park
6. Playing of transistors or recorders within the park is strictly prohibitted
7. Vehicles are not under any circumstances to be driven off the designated tracks
8. Blowing of horns is strictly prohibited
9. Driving above the specified speed limit attracts heavy penalties
10. Talking is to be kept to the bare minimum and shouting is totally prohibited
11. Chucking stones or disturbing the birds and animals in any way is prohibited
12. It is advisable to wear clothes of earthy colours when inside (browns and greens)
13. All visitors to the park are governed by the Wildlife Protection Act
14. Travel within the park is at the visitor's own risk and the authorities are not responsible for any damages caused, if any.

For those interested in photography, take along as many film rolls as you can because the number of photo opportunities this park offers is enumerable. Remember to arrange the film before hand as you just might have to make the long trip to Umaria if you do not do so. Enjoy your stay at Bandhavgarh.

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