Trekking in India

Trekking in India is one of the famous adventure sports in India for one who are fascinated by the unexplored beauty of this part of the world. The mountain ranges of India offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast valleys of the Indian Himalayas and Karakorams, there are limitless possibilities for trekking tours, mountaineering, skiing, and river rafting tours. in Inida. The wild flowers in the Indian mountains add more prizes for the trekkers in India. The trekking routes in India often pass through the mountain water falls, a great attraction in its own.
There are various trekking routes in India ranging from easy to moderate to relatively tough treks for experienced. we can divide these routes in the following arenas:

  • Trekking in Garhwal
  • Trekking in Ladakh
  • Trekking in Sikkim
  • Trekking in Himachal
  • Trekking in West Bengal
  • Trekking in Kumaon
  • Trekking in Jammu Kashmir  
Trekker's huts are available in almost all places, otherwise pitch your tents near a waterfall, there are plenty of water falls in these routes. 


  1. Trekking in Nepal Himalaya

    It might be a dream for everyone to attend Trekking in Nepal Himalaya as Nepal had lot more to offer in term of adventure holiday within Nepal. Eight out of fourteen eight thousand meter high mountains lies on Nepal and are dominating northern territory. Apart from high alpine trekking, there are several other alternatives things to do in Nepali one of which is Hiking in Nepal, as there are several hill ridges near by capital of Nepal, i.e. Kathmandu offering multi day hiking trip in Nepal. In order to do Trekking in Nepal Himalaya one need to obtain permits one need to obtain certain permits for which help of agency can be best. There are several trekking agency in Nepal offering services on field of trekking, tour and other adventurous activities. Although you can do certain activities on your own it is still recommended to take help of trekking agency in Nepal.