LFS in Tokyo, Aquaforest in Sinjuku

While I was  in Japan last year I visited the aquarium shop Aqua Forest, the best and most famous fish store in Tokyo.

I found their contact information first on the Aqua Design Amano website. I asked my JApanese friend Yoshiaki Matsuyama about the shop and show him the address and he agreed to take me to the shop next weekend.

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How to Reach Aqua Forest:

The way to Aquaforest
The Subnade Mall 3

Aqua Forest is located in the underground mall(subnard) at the Shinjuku subway station stop, about a eight minute walk from the subway ground floor.

Address of AquaForest:

3, Shinjuku subnard. Kabuki cho 1. Shinjuku ku Tokyo
ph. 03 5367 0756
Hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Their Japanese website is: http://www.a-forest.co.jp/map/index.htm 

Aqua Forest aquarium shop in Tokyo is a bit difficult to find as it is located on the underground level of a shopping mall. Fortunately, the Subnade is located adjacent to the subway station and the mall's entrance has two display tanks. Unfortunately, the mall's directory is entirely in Japanese characters, so I  was totally dependent on Yoshiaki or in the worst case you had to try and match the characters of the store name with the directory of the mall.

Once there, the large front opening presents beautifully aquascaped display tanks. 

Behind the entrance are rows of sales tanks filled with plants and freshwater fishes. The left side of this shop contains dry goods, drifwoods and rocks suitable mostly for the planted tanks, small tanks and stands, and a water feature that contains emerged growth plants. The staff are friendly but always busy. If not with customers they are diligently caring for the livestock that they sell. Also expect very little English. Aqua Forest offers a variety of Tropica plants and rare fish.

The fish store mostly deals in planted related products. Even they did not hear the term "cichlid" when I asked them about some cichlid food. But yes they had altum angels and a discus tank, some geophagus, but it seemed they must be unaware of the English word Cichlid.

The driftwood collection is marvelous, so are the rocks.

The Aquaforest has various ADA products, starting from ferts, soils to thread to tie moss, ricia etc, diffusers, planted tank maintenance equipments. The fish store in Japan is a treasure hunt for any planted lover. 

They also had some non ADA products as soils, ferts and different equipments.

Recently they had done a aquascaping contest, find the entries here.

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