Best National Parks in India: Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries

Kanha (Madya Pradesh): Tiger, deer, most species. Best months: from February to June (closed July to November).

Corbett (Uttar Pradesh): Tiger, mugger, gharial, deer, most species. Best months: from February to May.

Namdapha (Arunachal Pradesh): Tiger, clouded leopard, snow leopard, panther, red panther, gibbon, loris. Best months: from Oc¬tober to March.

Kaziranga (Assam): Rhino, swamp deer, wild buffalo, tiger. Best months: from November to March.

Bandhavgarh (Madhya Pradesh): Big cats, deer, bear. Best months: November to June.

Periyar (Kerala): Elephant, monkey, some tiger. Best months: September to May.

Gir (Gujarat): Asiatic Hon, wild ass, deer. Best months: from December to April.

Dudhwa (Uttar Pradesh): Tiger, rhino, sloth bear. Best months: from December to June.

Jawahar National Park (borders of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu): Elephant, gaur, leopard. Best months: March to July, September and October. Includes the Bandipur, Mudumalai, Nacarhole and Wayanda reserves.

Nanda Devi (Himachal Pradesh): Mountain goat, snow leopard. Best months: from April to October,

Ranthambore (Rajasthan): Tiger, jackal, doer, monkey. Best months: October to April.

Kumbulgarh (Rajasthan): Wolf, leopard, fly¬ing squirrel. Best months: from September to November.

Sunderbans (West Bengal): Tiger, turtle, crocodile. Best months: from December to February.

Eaglenest Sanctuary(Arunachal Pradesh): Hornbill, barbler, and many unknown speices of birds, rare herps, elephants etc.

Keoladeo Ghana (Bharatpur. Uttar Pradesh): Cranes, migratory fowl. Best months: from August to February.

Chilka Lake (Orissa): Wading birds, ila-.mingo, dolphin. Best months: from December to March.

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