Travel Japan: Takahata Fudoson Temple

The Takahata Fudoson temple is located at 733 Takahata Hino-shi, Tokyo. The Takahata Fudoson temple is 5-minute walk from Takahatafudo station on the Keio Line or Tama Intercity monorail.

The Takahata-san Myoo-in Kongo-ji Temple of the Shingon-shu Chizan-ha (Chizan division of Shingon Sect) Bekkaku Honzan (Extra-status Cathedral), is called Takahata Fudo-son Temple.
The Takahata Fudoson temple is counted among the Kanto religion's 3 major temples dedicated to Fudo Myoo (Acala Vidyaraja). The temple contains a lot of cultural assets, some of which are designated as Important Cultural Assets.
Major annual Festivals:

  • The Mame-maki Festival in February is the most important festival of this temple. During this festival some celebrities and people born in the year of the same sign of the Chinese zodiac as the current year throw beans to chase away demons.
  • The Ajisai (Hydrangea) Festival, held from early June to early July, exhibits over 7,500 ajisai flowers blooming peacefully under the rainy-season skies.
  • The Chrysanthemum Festival, held from late October to middle November, displays more than 2,000 works of flower art by chrysanthemum loving artists from the Tama region. 
  • Daruma Ichi (fair of Dharma dolls), held during January, Hundreds of stalls are set up from around 7 am to sunset, selling Daruma dolls which attract many people seeking good luck in the year ahead. Chigo-Gyoretsu, a parade of children in fancy attire is scheduled in the precincts from around 1:30 pm to 2 pm. 
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