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A traditional Japanese breakfast is based on rice, seafood, and fermented foods. The breakfast is often consists of steamed rice, miso soup, boiled fish, sometime grilled fish, tamagoyaki (rolled frozen omlet which includes shrimps, sea weeds etc or served plain), onsen tamago, nori (dried seaweed), natto, grilled chicken skin with sauce, grilled octopus, some fish/chicken pieces with cover of flour and obviously raw fishes. It is common in Japan houses to include leftover items from the last evening's dinner in the next day's breakfast. Western breakfast foods such as toast and boiled or fried eggs and cereals are also becoming popular. 

So if your tongue does not suit Japanese foods, you have countless options of Western foods in Japan. There are McDonalds in Japan in almost every 15-20minutes drive and McDonalds is very popular among Japanese. 

But here I am concentrating on the typical Japanese food.

It's a Japanese etiquette to place a bowl of rice on your left and to place a bowl of miso soup on your right side at the table. 

Traditional Japanese Breakfast Items:

  • Steamed Rice - Plain steamed rice is an essential dish. Okayu (rice porridge) is easy to digest and is also good for breakfast. 
  • Miso Soup - Common ingrediednts are tofu, chopped green onion, wakame seaweed, aburaage (deep-fried tofu), and lots more. 

  • Natto (fermented soy beans) - When eating natto, place it in a bowl and season with some soy sauce. Add various toppings if you would like and stir well. Place the natto on top of steamed rice and eat with rice. 
  • Nori (dried seaweed) - Dip a strip of nori in soy sauce and roll some rice with it. Seasoned nori called ajitsukenori can be purchased in grocery stores.
  • Tamagoyaki(rolled frozen omlette) - it is made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg. These usually are prepared in a rectangular omelette pan called a makiyakinabe. Tamagoyaki is made by combining eggs, rice vinegar, and sometimes sugar or soy sauce. There are several types of tamagoyaki. 


  • Broiled Fish - salmon and mackerel are popular items for breakfast.
  • Tsukemono (pickles) - Various pickles and are often served during breakfast.

  • Green tea is the usual beverage used during breakfast in Japan.

    I had a great breakfast in Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan. When we visited the place to eat breakfast, all the restaurants were so crowded. In front of every restaurant there, we fond long queue waiting for the food. So we went to a Conveyor belt Sushi Restaurant.

    A man grilling the chicken skins
    Tsukiji market is very famous for its Sushi which contains freah fishes from the market. I had raw tuna, sea eels as Sushi and some grilled chicken skins dipped in soy sauce and some ocotopus and all of them are real tasty.


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