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The island of Madeira is a haven from today's modern society and just a short traveling distance from most European cities. Madeira is in  the lap of Portugal, at the banks of the waters of the Gulf Stream with warm comfortable summers and mild winters which make it an enchanting holiday destination all year round. Below you will find some information which may help you plan your last minute travel deals to Madeira Island. Years ago people discovered on this island a welcoming population, a wonderful climate and an ever increasing and diverse supply of hotels and other tourist accommodation to suit every taste and budget. Early tourists to Madeira were the passengers of the great cruise liners because Madeira was an important station and excursions into the countryside were a pleasant day’s break from the rolling Atlantic. From then, Madeira is brimming with smiles and colour. It is, more often than not, warm, sunny and mild.

The first hotel was built on the western edge of Funchal bay and English tea for the cognoscenti has been served there ever since. Many eminent and infamous visited the island during this time, like George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill and Napoleon, to name a few.

You can also rent a property for a few months which will give you an insight into the culture and people of Madeira Island.

What to do in Madeira Island:
The islands of the Madeira Archipelago is most popular for its golden sandy sea beaches. You can lay down lazily, or can take part in some water sport, or swim at your own wish. If you are animal lover, Madeira has some presents for you. The sea life of Madeira is extraordinary, and a caravel is the most comfortable way to enjoy the sea life.  Bonita da Madeira is such a boat, offering half or full-day excursions to Madeira's beautiful bays and to the Nature Reserve of the Desertas Islands, 15 miles south of Madeira. Leaving for the Desertas at 10am and returning at 6pm, there is ample time to explore, swim and have lunch, not to mention the dolphin and whale watching.

Just a 20 minutes walk can bring you into the lush green Boa Vista Orchids. The gardens include one of the last and oldest remaining systems of walled stairs terracing, as they were back in the 19th century to be found within the close proximity of the city centre.

No holiday in Madeira would be complete without a visit to the historic Jardim Botânico (Botanical Gardens). Set high above Funchal with views of the city and surroundings, the real attention-grabbers are the many exotic plants and trees collected in this wonderful garden. Easy to reach either by car or bus, the preferred method is the Teleférico Cable Car. Connecting the Gardens with the old town of Funchal, the cable car floats over the gorges and hillsides with some stupendous views on offer.

Among other tourist attractions in the Madeira archipelago, there are 3 wonderful golf courses- Santo da Serra, Palheiro and Porto Santo Golf.

Tourist Information Offices in Madeira Island:
The tourism offices can provide you with useful information about interesting places in Madeira Island and also bus timetables, which bus to catch to see ‘that’ place, island maps and other related services.
Once on the island, you can contact the Tourist Green Line by telephone on 800 296 296. They will be able to help you in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, advise you about places to stay, to see, to eat and give you information about cultural events and the major festivals happening at the time. This service operates everyday (including holidays), from 09.00 to 21.00 h.
But you can also go directly to the tourism offices spread around the entire island:

Funchal's Centre Tourism Office
Arriaga Avenue. Opened from 9.00 to 20.00 h Monday to Friday and from 9.00 to 18.00 h weekends and public holidays
Tel: +351 291 211 902

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