Tribal Himachal

This is photographed from Sangla. Sangla is a popular tourist spot in the Tribal Himachal circuit. Chitkul village near Sangla is even more popular among tourists.

A traffic jam near Rhotang Pass or Rotang La (LA means Pass). This is almost everyday situation here in the peak season in Himachal Pradesh.
The famous toy train which runs between Kalka Simla.
This is me in the freezing early morning in front of Bhimakali Temple, Sarahan. Sarahan in Himachal Pradesh is famous mostly for the Bhimakali Temple which is made of wood and stones. Sarahan can not be missed in the Tribal Himachal Circuit.

 The Door of Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan. Bhimakali temple is one of the most famous temple in India.

The famous Church in Simla Mall. We visited it in night, and the light and shadow makes the Church in Simla Mall more beautiful than ever.

Mandi actually does not fall in the Tribal Himachal Tourist Circuit. However we visited Mandi and stayed one night there.

Our Driver while we are returning from Rhotang pass. We had a terrible bad weather at Rotang La, with so much snow that we dropped the plan of visiting Keylong crossing the Rhotang Pass. We had 2 nights booking in Keylong which we have missed.
After the snow falls in Rhotang Pass. Locals told us that we were lucky that we did not go for Keylong that day. 3 tourists died that day.  
Clicked from Manali, the most Romantic place of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is mostly famous as the most popular Honeymoon place in Himachal Pradesh, even as the most popular honeymoon place in India. The weather in Manali is very pleasant, not too cold. And the evening near the main market  in Manali is very good.
The apple trees are the most famous of Kalpa. Kalpa is located in Kinnaur District. The Tribal Himachal tour mostly go around Kinnaur District, so many people say it Kinnaur tour. You can even enter the Apple orchard with permission from the locals, and even taste one or two apple from the tree if they allow. We had not taken lunch a whole day, as we were full of Apple. Some snow capped peaks are also seen from Kalpa, and there is a trek to few of these peaks. Kalpa is a famous tourist destination among foreigners.
The Asses in Chitkul are funny and beautiful to watch. Chitkul is the last village of India in this Indo China border.
The wolf in the Himalayan National Park near Kufri. Watch out for Snow leopard here. The snow leopard in the website's banner was photographed in Kufri. Do not miss the Himalayan National Park in Kufri.

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  1. i was visit himachal two time. it is really a good place to about we visit many tourist places like shimla, kanga,hamirpur etc to visit.